The way the parents continue to carry out the nighttime rituals all the way through to a final hug and a “we love you” is respectful of the child’s independence, while encouraging kids at home to settle in and allow themselves to fall asleep, too.
— The Horn Book Magazine

iT is not time for sleeping

written by Lisa Graff

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  • A Society of Illustrators Original Art Show Selection
  • An Amazon Best Book of the Month

As the day comes to an end, bedtime draws near. But the little boy in this book is quite sure it is NOT time for sleeping. As each piece of his evening routine is completed—helping with the dishes, playing with the dog, getting into pajamas, brushing teeth with Dad, being tucked in by Mom, and listening to a story—he becomes a little more certain: it is definitely not time for sleeping. The question is, when WILL it be time for sleeping? A rhythmic, cumulative text and lush twilit scenes come together to create a perfect bedtime book that will be treasured for generations to come.
Castillo (Nana in the City) conjures security with her trademark warm colors and solid black contours... Graff (Lost in the Sun) rebalances the traditional bedtime dynamic ever so slightly, portraying parents who never need to resort to authority, instead letting the reliable routines of day’s end work their magic.
— Publishers Weekly, starred review
Castillo’s evocative illustrations are warm and comforting and set exactly the right tone. Best known for her middle grade novels, Graff proves that she can deliver the goods to picture book audiences.
— School Library Journal
The pictures look downright magical at book’s end when luminous wallpaper—a rich blue with golden stars and crescent moons—fills up the background of cozy closing images, creating interior starry splendor. A very good goodnight book.
— Kirkus
Graff and Castillo beautifully capture the customary rituals (and challenges) of bedtime.
— Booklist