Big Cat Pepper arrival

Last week I received an advance copy of my book BIG CAT PEPPER. It was most exciting to hold and flip through the bound version for the first time. The paper has a beautiful uncoated finish, which I think gives the book that extra special touch.

Inside, the flap copy reads:
How do you say good-bye to someone you don't want to leave? And how can you keep a memory alive if your heart feels full-up with sadness? With soft, lyrical text by award winning author Elizabeth Partridge and gently expressive illustrations by Lauren Castillo, this beautiful story will touch the heart of any reader who has ever had to say good-bye to a loved one.
This project will always hold a special place in my heart, especially because during the time I was creating the art my grandfather passed away. I'm not sure I realized it at that moment, but being immersed in such a comforting story must have had a hand in helping me to heal and be at peace with his passing.

Elizabeth Partridge recently wrote a beautiful and touching post over at her blog about our book, and her cat Coyote. You can visit and read it right here. Thanks so much to Elizabeth for providing a wonderful text about a very difficult yet important subject. I am honored to have been the one chosen to illustrate it.