So I've been searching for quite a while now to find a new transferring technique that has interesting effects, and most importantly is SAFE. Much of my book work, up till this point has been created using acetone transfers. And as you are probably aware, acetone is not the best thing to be breathing in, nor is it good for the environment. I do love its results though, which is why I've had a hard time giving it up. Recently I stumbled upon a site that makes a special paper called 'sheer heaven'. This paper is pretty awesome because you can draw directly on it OR print(ink jet) directly on it, and then transfer your image simply by misting the paper with rubbing alcohol and placing it over the surface of your choice. And rubbing alcohol = much safer than acetone!
I've been playing around with the sheer heaven, and must say it is fun! Unfortunately I do not yet have control over the results. Maybe practice will make perfect...OR, maybe not. Maybe this technique is one that thrives from its imperfections. Is anyone else using transfer methods in their work? I'd love to hear any suggestions if you've got 'em!

*this sad girl on the left was drawn and colored with marker and pencils directly on the sheer heaven paper, and then transferred in to my sketchbook.