Back in BK

Happy July all!

I've returned to sweltering hot Brooklyn, after a very relaxing cruise vacation. I admit, it is extremely hard to get back in to work mode... BUT, I do have two exciting projects I'm looking forward to working on for the remainder of this year. One, a picture book written by the talented Maribeth Boelts. And the other a chapter book written by the highly acclaimed Ann Cameron. I'll share more about both of these later on this summer!

Now, I didn't get to do that much drawing on my trip because we weren't in one place long enough. But I did get to see a lot, and took many photos. Here's a shot of my favorite location on the trip, The El Yunque Rain Forest in Puerto Rico. Absolutely breathtaking views, and a must see if you visit Puerto Rico!Ok, now back to the [steamy] drawing board!!!