My lovely and talented friend Shadra Strickland has an entire issue dedicated to her in the wonderful publication, Literacyhead! Literacyhead is a weekly publication designed to use the visual arts to teach literacy. And, in preparation for this weeks issue, the editors of Literacyhead, Jan Burkins and Roberta Gardner, conducted an interview with Shadra in her Atlanta GA studio. Shadra was so sweet to mention her fellow SVA MFA friends (Taeeun Yoo, Jonathan Bean, Paul Hoppe, and myself) which then inspired the editors to surprise Shadra by including all of us in the issue--some of our art and our books. Here's a nice article in the issue, by editor Jan Burkins, titled The Art of Living. I encourage you all to browse through this weeks issue of Literacyhead ~~ It's a great one. Congratulations, Shadra!