Soccer out the door

Last week I wrapped up my project with Candlewick, Happy Like Soccer. The story is written by Maribeth Boelts, talented author of many books including Those Shoes and Before You Were Mine (which is adorable!). Here's a summary of our book, courtesy of Maribeth:
A young girl from the inner city, Sierra, is chosen for an elite soccer team that plays its games at a complex far from her apartment. Sierra longs to have a game in her own neighborhood so people who know and love her, like her auntie she lives with, can attend more easily. Sierra gets courageous enough to try to make that happen.
Happy Like Soccer won't be out till next year, but I will post more as we get closer to the books' birthday. . .

Now off to begin a new project that involves a boy, a dog, snow, and reading. I'm excited! Just too bad I wasn't working on this one during the winter of one-thousand blizzards!