The Pig and Miss Prudence

written by Linda Stanek

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When a pig nibbles on Miss Prudence's prized pansies, she threatens it with her parasol. The pig then runs onto the road and frightens a horse. In the resulting melee, Miss Prudence tumbles onto the pig's back and holds on for dear life as the spotted pig runs on. Confusion reigns when the speeding duo proceeds to wreak havoc in the busy city as they crash into flower carts, shipyard workers, little orphans, and cotton gin workers. Chased by a motley crowd, they tear through the streets. As they crash into unsuspecting bystanders, Miss Prudence accrues an amazing hodgepodge of buckets, silk drawers, a doll, some cotton, a priest's stole and even a dog on her lap. The unstoppable pig runs into the immigration office, the museum, the church and finally ends up in the Mayor's office. As the pig stands atop the Mayor's chair, Miss Prudence suggests that the pig runs the city but the spotted pig runs on. Linda Stanek, who situates this story in the days of parasols and horse-drawn carriages, gives readers a rollicking romp through the streets of an industrial-age city. Lauren Castillo's retro illustrations are perfectly matched to the time period and add significantly to the humor in the story.